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A quick and easy method of getting direct and sufficient amount of essential vitamins and minerals. Certain vitamins are best utilized by the body when they bypass the digestive tract. The full and effective dose of certain vitamins is rarely achieved when it is taken orally in tablet or capsule form. One of the best ways to receive full and effective dose is by injecting the vitamins into muscle-also known as intramuscular (IM) injection.

ULTRA BURN (Combination of B-12, B6, B5, B1, B2, B3, Methionine, Inositol, Chromium, Choline, L-Lysine, Leucine and L-carnitine).  
We are introducing our new vitamin injection which is our most complete combination of amino acids, vitamins and an essential trace element. It has all of the components and the benefits of B-12, B complex, and our popular lipotropic injection plus L-carnitine and chromium. It is a wonderful supplement to diet and exercise to ensure your body is in top metabolic condition to metabolize fat, reduce appetite, and burn calories. Ultra burn promotes metabolism by assisting cell intake of glucose, increase liver and gallbladder function, immune system, and in overall energy.
1.One IM injection: $40.00
2.Package of 10 IM injections: $300.00 (savings of $100.00)

VITAMIN B12 : 1,000 units/1 ml injection
One of the most commonly deficient vitamins in both men and women. B12 is very difficult to absorb when taken orally. The majority of the dosage being unabsorbed in the digestive tract. Especially beneficial for people with digestive problems and vegans. Has effects on increase in energy level and metabolism, improves health of the digestive system. 
Frequency: 1-2 times /week 
One IM injection: $30.00  
Package of 10 injections: $200.00 (savings of $100.00)

B-COMPLEX ( B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 ) 
Beneficial for health of the nervous system: memory, response to stress, helps brain and body make certain hormones. Boost the immune system. Increases in energy level and metabolism.
improves Health of skin, hair, and nails. B vitamins have a therapeutic effect on conditions such as nerve damage due to diabetes, sciatica, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and neuropathy
One IM injection: $35.00
Package of 10 IM injections: $250.00 (savings of $100.00) 

LIPOTROPIC MIC +B12   (Combination of B12 vitamin and amino acid compounds: Methionine, Choline , Inositol- nutrients used by the liver to metabolize fats ). 
Aside from weight loss, there can be many benefits from the use of lipotropic injections. Lipotropics are formulated to enhance liver function, which helps detoxify the body, increase metabolism, and store glycogen, the principal storage form of glucose. A healthy liver also secretes bile more effectively, which in turn aids in digestion and the breakdown of fats. Many weight-loss experts believe lipotropic injections boost the immune system by stimulating the growth of antibodies, which detect and destroy foreign and abnormal tissue, increase energy levels, which may enhance mood, vitality and overall health.

1.One IM injection: $35.00
2.Package of 10 IM injections: $250.00 (savings of $100.00)
3.Package of 30 IM or subcutaneous ( into the fat pockets) injections $550.00 (savings of $500.00) 
If interested in option 3, please plan to schedule 1-2 visits per week, lasting approximately 15 minutes; 2-6 injections could be administered during single visit , depending on the desired treatment effect. 

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