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Current Specials  SPRING SPECIAL

After a long and drawn our winter, Spring is finally here. We are welcoming the warmer weather by introducing our new Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) services for 25% OFF! You may have heard of PRP or Plasma Facials as "Blood Facials" or "Vampire Facials" in the media. Skin treatments involving platelet rish plasma are considered to be the latest in facial rejuvenation because they are it is a natural method with little downtown that gives the skin a "silky" or "soft" feeling along with regenerative effects improving skin texture, tone, and color. PRP is a component from your own blood that contains growth factors that stimulate collagen, blood vessel, and fat tissue growth in the applied area. 

We have three new treatments using PRP technology: Plasma Facial, Plasma Lift, and Plasma Laser Treatment. 

Plasma Facial uses a dermaroller, cylindrical shaped drum that is embedded with micro-needles, is then used to create minuscule pores to allow the PRP to enter into the skin and begin rejuvenation effects. Introductory price is $275.
Plasma Laser Treatment is similar to the Plasma Facial, but instead of using a dermaroller, a laser that is used to create minuscule pores and allow the plasma to be absorbed. The laser creates tinier, deeper, and a larger quantity of facial pores when compared to the dermaroller allowing for more absorption of PRP and an increased efficacy and longevity of the rejuvenation effects. Introductory price $525.
In the Plasma Lift, PRP is injected into the desired area which promotes longer lasting effects because it is targeted deeper in the skin tissue. PRP can also be injected as a natural filler to soften facial creases and wrinkles, add plumpness to lips and fullness to your face in addition to the rejuvenation effects. Introductory price is $490.