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Current Specials    Give the gift of smooth skin this Valentine's Day! Midwest Health Center has you covered whether you're treating yourself or that special someone. Those chocolates won't last long (except on the hips), but a Platelet Rich Plasma Lift is guaranteed to last for months. Injected deep into the skin, PRP rejuvenates and can also be used as a natural filler. Soften facial creases and wrinkles, or plump your lips for valentine kisses.

   Dealt with enough pricks? Maybe the PRP isn't for you. The Miami peel is a noninvasive alternative to level out skin tone. Contrary to the name, the Miami peel is used to treat skin pigmentation and unsightly dark spots. Cupid jitters causing breakouts? Don't stress; the Miami peel is great for adult acne too.

 Whether this holiday has you up or down, level out with one of our specials and love your skin instead.
Platelet Rich Plasma Lift: $500 (regular price: $625) coupon code: PLUMP
Miami Peel: $85 (regular price: $115) coupon code: CUPID *|MC:SUBJECT|*