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Current Specials

Current Specials



With winter in full swing and holidays long past, we are all struggling a bit to stay optimistic as we dig out our cars every morning. That's why this month's special will be extra special. Also, we're all well aware that Valentine's Day is coming-and whether you want to look your best for your special someone or you just want to treat yourself, we have what you need.

30% OFF Photofacial/IPL ($175)


Limit 3


25% OFF Package of EltaMD Intensive Moisturizer, EltaMD Lotion, and Gio Pelle Face Scrub ($35)



30% OFF PCA Peels ($95)


PCA is celebrating Chemical Peel Month with a sweepstakes! Between February 3-27, get a PCA peel and take a picture with Maryna (our aesthetician) and send it in to win $1000!!! Besides the grand prize, you can also win a variety of PCA skin products. We included PCA peels (Sensi peel, Ultra Peel, and PCA peel with and without hydroquinone) in our special this month as well, so what's stopping you? Make an appointment today!


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The Holiday Season is fast approaching...MHC Gift Certificates are available and the perfect gift for loved ones looking to improve their skin! We have a variety of services from therapeutic masks to laser treatments and medical grade skin products for every skin type.