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Current Specials

Current Specials Holidays Specials

No Raisor Bumps in 2018 

Three Laser Hair Removal Sessions

small areas $135  (lip, chin, areola, navel, hands, feet, basic bikini line, underarms, sides of the face, and the front or back of the neck)

medium areas $270  (bikini brazilian (female), lower or upper legs, lower or upper arms, lower or upper back, and shoulders)

large areas $375  (bikini brazilian (male), full legs, full arms, back or chest)

The The Perfect Gift of Perfect Skin

Laser Genesis: This painless laser skin treatment can be done up to a few hours before the party starts(regular pricing is $ 250 a session)

2 sessions $ 290
3 sessions $ 375 
6 sessions $ 660

Shots! Shots!

Glutathione: the mother of all antioxidants. Click here for more information
Regular pricing is $ 50 per injection 

10 intramuscular injections $ 385  

Vitamin D
 - get ready for the harsh Midwestern winter 
Regular pricing is $ 40 per injection of 25,000 units of D3 

3 subcutaneous injections $ 75 

All Holiday offers are available for purchase as gift certificates